Fascinating Research Paper Topics

Commencing on a piece of writing is always the most challenging part for many people. 

Even so, if you organize your sources and ideas accordingly, the writing process becomes much easier. Research papers are some of the most common types of literature, usually covering a range of issues including politics, medicine, entertainment, etc. The following are some of the most essential elements of research papers that’ll help you come up with a compelling article.

How to Choose a Topic for Your Research Paper

Writing an interesting research paper always begins with finding the appropriate subject. Here are the two most important aspects you should consider when choosing a topic.


Choosing a topic that you’re really passionate about can spur you to do extensive research besides making the writing process fun. Begin by making a list of the topics that you find interesting. Your next step would be to Identify and select the subject that’ll relate mostly to your audience.

Availability of Adequate Information

Good research papers always contain plenty of facts and evidence to support the main arguments; thus, ensure that the topic you consider writing on has plenty of information to back your main points. This is also a sure way to build your trust with readers.

Examples of Research Paper Topics

If you experience any difficulty coming up with the appropriate subject to write on, here are some great examples to help you get started.

Medicine Topics

  • How can animal testing be avoided?
  • Advantages and disadvantages of medical marijuana
  • Are physicians turning their patients into drug addicts?
  • Do you think prescription drugs should be publicized to customers directly?
  • Is a vegetarian diet beneficial for children?
  • What is the importance of placebo treatment?

Education Topics

  • What is the importance of technology in lesson planning?
  • Do you think college graduates make much income?
  • The advantages and disadvantages of metal detectors in schools
  • What are the pros and cons of social networking at schools?
  • The development of learning techniques for blind kids

Environment Topics

  • What are the best ways to reduce global warming?
  • The disadvantages of GMO foods
  • What are the impacts of human activities on forests?
  • Should programs about environmental problems be produced?
  • What are the effective ways to manage overpopulation?

Entertainment Topics

  • Do you think social networking is helpful for society?
  • Are violent video games making teens furious and ruthless? 
  • Do you think social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter lower teenagers’ self-esteem?
  • Should the use of animals for entertainment be banned?
  • Do you think beauty pageants set high standards for contestants?

Psychology Topics

  • How can child violence be controlled?
  • The effects of insomnia on people’s health
  • Is stress dangerous?
  • The impacts of depression on the body
  • The effects of classical music on the brain

Middle School Topics

  • The evolution of poetry
  • The techniques used by ancient navigators to go around the globe
  • What are the consequences of earthquakes?
  • How much video games can someone play without being addicted?


Writing a great research paper begins with choosing the right topic as well as knowing its structural requirements. While there are numerous factors that go into writing an exceptional paper, applying the strategies mentioned above will definitely get you started on the right path, while experts from My Paper Done will keep you on track.